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I found the ghost from halloween’s past.

I don’t even know who I was back in 2010 but it definitely wasn’t me. 



Border Collie buddies

Don’t really have a spooky version of my fursona. So have an attempt at her trying to be a werewolf and just ending up like she came out of the dryer. 

She painted her spots to look like skulls and everything. 

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» Sylveon Species Headcanons: Evolution Part 2 (Tame vs. Wild)



While it’s not impossible, I believe running into a wild Sylveon would be extremely rare. Given the circumstances of it’s evolution, it would be very hard to acquire one in the same way you’d get other pokemon. They are attached to whoever/whatever helped it evolve, making it less willing to want to be taken away from their place of living. (Which I would think would be far from civilization and away from people)

That being said, domesticated Sylveons obviously have a better temperment and tend to want to share good feelings with humans whereas wild sylveons really prioritize and are selective, not warming up to the trainer as well as one who had been with it’s trainer before evolution.

Long story short, if you want a partner for life, work for it instead of taking the easy way out! 

» Sylveon Species Headcanons: Evolution Part 1 ( Affection vs. Happiness)



Sylveon evolution is a little tricky and seems to bear some resemblance to that of evolution by means of happiness. However, I feel it goes more in depth and instead of just happiness, it’s more tied into the bonds between Trainer and Pokemon and the affection they have for their trainer.

Pokemon-Amie, to me, looks like the kind of treatment you would give a puppy while training it. You give it love and praise and treats and you play with it, and eventually it grows to really admire and love you for your compassion. A Fairy move is also needed to complete the process but you can compare that to teaching a puppy a new command, which still ties into things said previously. All that being said, affection doesn’t have to apply to evolution via happiness, as you can be happy with yourself and your own life without any outside influences.

» Sylveon Species Headcanons: Gender differences



You know how usually the males are the ones with the larger features, well to me i feel like Sylveon females would be the one to have bigger bows and longer/stronger feelers as well as finer fur, like more volume maybe much fluffier which would give off the reason why there would be more female sylveons as opposed to males as they are perfect contenders for contests and the like.

And in that moment, I swear we were pppffrt…

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